Costume and Fantasy Jewelery


Thank you for visiting Twilight Smith. This store features unique jewelry inspired by fantasy fiction. While some items are fantastic and outlandish, others simply offer alternative looks to the cookie-cutter pieces of mall-style jewelry shopping. This site acts as a bridge between each jewelry item and the fiction that surrounds and inspires it. If you're interested, please read on!

Welcome Traveler

Welcome to the Twilight Smith. This storefront showcases items acquired by Raven St.Clair from all manner of locations and ages. If you have any questions about a piece, Raven has been diligent in researching the lore and history and is glad to provide as many details as possible.

Purchasing Options

Throughout the shop there may be different purchasing options availble. Items may be listed on Shapeways or Etsy.


Items purchased through Shapeways are drop-shipped directly to you from manufacturing without review and inspection. Typically there is a discount (already applied) for purchasing through Shapeways. Any issues wih items must be handled by Shapeways customer support.


Items purchased via Etsy are typically either in inventory or inspected before shipping to you. Typically these items require some form of hand crafting, customizaion, or alteration.