Raven's Notes

Lens of Harmony

The Lens of Harmony intrigued me the first time I saw it. I quickly identified that it was constructed on top of your typical harmonic lens - but to what end? A few inquiries led me to understand that she was gifted the pendant while very young, by a traveler who came and went "like moonlight through the night". I have been able to trace its history a bit - it is a unique artifact that hasn't been seen for a few hundred years or so. I found vague references to it offering the wearer protection "from the light of the mind" and isolating them from the wills of others. Notably, most of the former owners were likely possessors of The Gift, but never displayed an exceptional talents - which is very curious for any wielder of a harmonic lens. If it doesn't increase the power of the caster, then what does the amplification do? The last I spoke to her, Kresta claims to have never removed it.

Other Lore

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