The High Guard of Avalos

The first king of the first kingdom, Rhel, is said to have assembled the greatest warriors of his time to protect all of the kingdoms from harm and corruption. The High Guard of the Kingdoms emphasized not just physical prowess but strength of mind and character - honor before life.

They protected the weak, made friends of enemies, and negotiated the continued peace between the kingdoms. Little beyond that is known for sure. Over the millennia, history erodes into myth and legends. We have several accounts of how they fell, all contradictory, suggesting the truth is beyond our grasp.

Stories of Guardians are allegorical and fantastic - yet seem to often corroborate the few historic sources of the time. I like to think that who they really were isn't as important as what we believe about them - they are the heroes we tell tales of to our children as they prepare to sleep, the people they should aspire to be.

Personal Correspondence, Avakard of Tyrae

In my day, I will never see the likes of this again. The rampaging creature landed in her path as she walked. It's breath blowing back her hair as it snarrled through teeth twice her size, her cadence unceasing. They stared at each other for a moment before the beast took its leave. The King's Guardians must be gifted with the strength and spirit of Lord Tyshin and Lady Vashra. No other could put pause to a dragon.

Journal, unknown author, era of the High Guard

Other Lore

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