Legend - The Eventide Angel

It is said that there once lived an angel here. She was possessed of such a childlike innocence that people claimed she was born twice each day. The heavens had given her the task of protecting an artifact of unbelievable power. Eventually, a great darkness – older than the shadowkin, older than the gods themselves - discovered her, and set out to acquire this artifact for himself. A great war was fought between them that ravaged the forests beyond the mountains, turning them to sand and glass. Eventually, their armies destroyed, only the two remained. The eventide angel found herself standing beside her own reflection at a great mirror of worlds. Dropping the artifact in her curiosity, she herself drawn to the image before her - it was her, but not her. This creature she saw had never engaged in battle, never threatened out of anger. Her echo was curious and calm, rather than bloody and covered in dirt. She reached out towards the mirror and too late she sensed the danger as it began to pull her within. In her last show of will, she burned through her immortal lifeforce to send the artifact itself into the mirror, trapping it there. The creature of eternal night, fearing imprisonment himself, disappeared without attempting to collect his prize.

Other Lore

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