Starlight Silver

… And the dark creature knew she spoke the truth, as Guardians are not permitted the luxury of truth bending. You see, each guardian carries with them a slip of silver - but not ordinary silver. No. This silver is a gift of the night angels, forged in starlight. It glows when held by its owner, and consumes light if they attempt to deceive…

Quillarian Orlin's Tale of the Knightmare Demon.

I was there when the old man died today - a day past his 127th birthday if you'd believe it. As he passed, the silver emblem on his top pocket -the star of Tyshin he'd called it - shown a bright blue for a moment, before the silver turned dark and pitted like aged steel. For as long as id known the constable, that emblem had always seemed impossibly bright - the color of starlight, to see it now was to witness a great sadness that I could never explain.

Tamarin Lo'Quinn, CFK 85

She reached her hand through her armor plate and pulled at the hammer sigil that rested over her heart and it came free as a somewhat rectangular slip of silver. Placing it upon the closet door, it glowed brightly. As the light faded, the door had vanished to reveal a great stone hall.

The Song of Guardian Anwynn

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