The Watchmen

He just stands there, watching the battle. The enemy sent a giant beast after him and he swatted it away with his hand like an insect, returning to his silent gaze.

Journal, Solos of Tidefall, CFK 532

She appeared to be talking to the key she wore. It would beam with starlight as she whispered softly, seeming to agree or refute her unheard comments. The brightness from the key grew blinding us all. As our vision returned, she had disappeared, but all our wounds had been healed.

Battle Report, Knightess Laren of Autumn, CK 2019

To date I've recorded over twelve-thousand separate instances of these watchmen through historical accounts. Primarily, they watch major events and then disappear. Occasionally, they take minor action or converse. They are garbed in ebon and metal argent. Each always carries or wears a key of sorts.

Letter from a Quillarian Scribe, recipient and date unknown

Other Lore

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